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The Best Part of Executive Search

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

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I attended an ACG Orange County event last night, and had the opportunity to meet so many people who also love the work they do. It started me thinking about what I love most about executive search, and why it is meaningful to the people who choose this kind of work.

Is it:

-How you get to meet so many new people?

-Helping the client solve a problem (filling a talent gap?)

-The check when the work is done?

-Learning about new businesses?

-Giving a candidate a new opportunity?

-Using insight and experience to find the best people?

It is ALL of that. But for me, it comes down to the MOMENTS: the seminal moments when you know you are making a difference. Of these moments, my favorite and the one that makes my heart race is when I am talking to a candidate and I know they are the one. We are on Zoom or a call and I have the realization before the client has even met the candidate that, "this is the one." That is why I do what I do - to discover and deliver the people who the client would not have found had they not hired me.

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